Faith-Based Fertility — We Understand Your Needs

Creating a family isn’t just a biological process. It’s a God-given gift and vocation. 

Lauren Rubal MD, our fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist, respects couples who wish to let their religious faith guide them as they make choices about medical treatment for fertility.

Dr. Rubal fully supports faith-based fertility, which is an approach that aligns fertility treatments and methodology with a couple’s religious faith. Read on to learn more about faith-based fertility and natural family planning.

Faith-based choices

Medical science has much to offer couples who have trouble conceiving a baby or bringing a pregnancy to term. However, not all of these medical options align with each couple’s morals and religious beliefs. 

For example, some types of assisted reproduction are forbidden or limited by certain religions, such as any act that may interrupt the procreative process as expressed in the Catechism of the Roman Catholic church. 

Each faith has its own view of various kinds of infertility treatments. With that in mind, Dr. Rubal works with couples to determine the treatment options with which they feel most at peace. 


FEMM stands for Fertility Education and Medical Management. It’s a comprehensive approach that uses the knowledge of your body, your hormonal cycles, and your health profile to enhance fertility and make infertility treatment decisions. The intricacy of the reproductive signaling pathways and the interaction between organ systems is complex and integral in understanding fertility and the menstrual cycle. 

Dr. Rubal’s expertise as a reproductive endocrinologist guides her as she works with you to gather the information needed as part of the FEMM protocol.


Dr. Rubal is an expert in fertility awareness-based methods (FABM) that are centered around an understanding of a woman’s menstrual cycles and peak times of fertility.

FABM methods include basal body temperature measurement and charting, cervical mucus monitoring, and the use of various types of tools to measure hormone levels in your body on a regular basis. Urinary hormone testing is another area with rapidly expanding tech options. 


NaProTechonogly stands for Natural Procreative Technology. This approach enhances a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by monitoring and understanding her naturally occurring menstrual cycle, hormone levels, and other markers.

By analyzing your menstrual cycle, we optimize your odds of conceiving without the use of objectionable medical technology.

Dr. Rubal is comfortable using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, and is NaProTechnology friendly.

We respect your faith

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, Dr. Rubal can work with you to design a personalized treatment plan that aligns with the values of your faith. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Rubal at our office in Newport Beach, California, call 949-415-6704 or use our online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

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