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Lauren Rubal, M.D.

Infertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist located in Newport Beach, CA

Lauren Rubal, MD, is a fellowship-trained infertility specialist at her private medical practice in Newport Beach, California. She did full-scope reproductive endocrinology and infertility for seven years, and she is very familiar with how difficult it is for couples dealing with infertility and recurrent miscarriage. It's a diagnosis with many far-reaching and gut-wrenching layers, and the treatment for it, many times, involves high-dose hormone medications with aggressive procedures like in vitro fertilization. 

When couples go to a fertility center, they may feel pressured to go directly to in vitro fertilization (IVF)–it is,after all, the most effective chance of having a baby on a per monthly basis. But these treatments have small, though significant, side effects and risks for both mother & baby. For some couples, it is not an option they are interested in considering, either due to their beliefs, the cost, the hormones, or the procedures involved. 

Dr. Rubal has a unique vision in this space: a practice centered around lifestyle choices and supplements plus alternative modalities to optimize fertility, restore natural fertility, and prevent future miscarriage. A practice that judiciously uses hormonal medications as part of a broader treatment plan. A practice that supports women to harness their own fertility through education and empowerment.  

How will she do this? Dr. Rubal sits down with couples for an initial consultation that seeks to understand their goals and find the reasons for what they are undergoing. Together, they then develop a personalized treatment plan after appropriate evaluation. This includes lifestyle optimization in conjunction with other strategies to prepare their bodies. Dr. Rubal monitors them through cycles, either with their natural ovulation or with medications, to help increase their fertility for that month. 

In addition, Dr. Rubal also treats patients with recurrent miscarriage and provides solutions to increase their chance of a baby. She helps women with irregular periods or abnormal uterine bleeding understand the reason why and developed a tailored plan to normalize what they are dealing with as much as possible. 

Dr. Rubal sees herself as each couple's trusted advisor, coach, cheerleader, friend, and guide. What is her personality with her patients? She is warm, pretty casual (she definitely appreciates joking around as a counterpoint to all the frank discussions), honest yet hopeful, a huge hugger, and someone who will never give up.  

Dr. Rubal really feels so fulfilled every day to be in people's lives as they are navigating this road. It's an honor to walk the difficult parts of the journey together. It is such a blessing to see joyous outcomes. Dr. Rubal still stays in touch with many patients and loves hearing about their lives or seeing their little ones grow. 

For the convenience of her patients, Dr. Rubal speaks English and Spanish. To learn more and schedule an appointment, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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Words from our patients

  • I have had the privilege of being cared for by Dr. Rubal for a little over a year now and have felt completely heard, understood and supported.

    Briana M.
  • I have been treated by Dr. Rubal for about two years. She has been incredible to work with. She's always very thorough and takes the time to answer all my questions.

    Michelle M.
  • ""From day 1 Dr. Rubal treated us like family."

    Self-Verified Patient


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